Welcome to Lone Wolf Music

Lone Wolf Music is a record label for the Progressive Rock/Metal music industry. Our company works with various American rock artists to produce cutting edge Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal albums.

What is Progressive Rock?

Progressive rock, commonly shortened to "prog", is a subgenera of rock music that popularized around the late 1960s. Progressive Rock initially developed out of "Progressive Pop", and slowly created its own subgenera path favoring instrumentation and compositional influences from jazz, folk and classical music. We think this style of music is so engaging because of the complex structures and rhythms that challenge the mind to follow it. In addition, the odd time signatures, instrumentals and classical elements are common in Progressive Rock. Although the music can be challenging with its odd time signatures and overall complexity, carefully placed melodies (both with vocals and instruments) will allow the listener to catch the hook of the song. The lyrics found in Progressive Rock are usually highly poetic, and are known to trigger thoughts inside one's imagination. All of these complex parts that interwoven within a classic rock style are what makes Progressive Rock the type of music our label is proud to produce.

Examples of Some Progressive Rock Groups

Rush, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Camel, Dream Theater, Magellan, Shadow Gallery and Fates Warning.

What is Progressive Metal?

Progressive Metal is a mutation of Progressive Rock which contains the same basic elements but has a harder, more agressive edge. Progressive Metal often has faster and more complex rhythms which help drive the song. Double bass drumming, quick riffs and amplified guitar-driven sound are common in Progressive Metal.

Examples of Some Progressive Metal Groups

Rhapsody, Silent Force, Kamelot, Freedom Call, Evergrey, Hammerfall, Pain of Salvation, Night Wish and Dream Theater (DT often covers both genres).

The Future

Progressive Rock/Metal is relatively underground, and receives virtually no radio play in North America. However, radio stations in other parts of the world do embrace Progressive Rock/Metal, and its following worldwide is impressive. Some of the finest and hardest working musicians are in Progressive Rock/Metal, and production is often very difficult and time-consuming. In recent years, the subgenera New Metal has shown some Prog influences and bands like Tool, Godsmack, System of a Down, Disturbed and A Perfect Circle have begun adding key Prog elements to their music. Although they are considered by many to be "clones", their attempts are at times applauded by Prog fans.

Lone Wolf Music is looking to release quality Progressive Rock/Metal records and provide fans with hours of listening pleasure from musicianship at its finest. If you want to learn more about our company, see our about us page. We are always looking for new bands to distribute, so if you have material please see our contact us page.

A Featured Production:

Interview with Gary W

This DVD is a no holds barred, personal interview with one of Progressive Rock's most impressive and admired musicians, Gary Wehrkamp. For more details see our catalogue page.